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Safety Man Movement Sessions

Terry speaks to a variety of corporations and associations motivating a vast array of spectators. Terry has inspired thousands of people over the course of his speaking career with the Safety Man Movement. He has been on multiple platforms utilizing his gift to encourage, motivate and inspire audiences for safety. Ranging from school teachers to craftsman, to some of the brightest scientific minds in the world!  Become a part of the change your organization needs and ENLARGE THE MOVEMENT!!

The Safety Man Movement


This presentation is the foundation and driver for changing the perspective of thousands when it comes to  ownership in safety.  This energized presentation is targeted for Industries and Organizations around the world! The challenging message will provoke a new level of commitment from your team on all levels.  Experience a shift in the way you see and approach safety for your lifestyle!  See why when you experience this presentation you will be saying "I AM THE SAFETY MAN! Learn More

"C4" (Courageous Culture Change Champions)

The Safety Man Movement C4 is the next level of commitment and growth.  The SMM C4 is an explosive motivational message to empower the twenty percenters!  Everyone knows that 20% of the work force is responsible for 80% of the work and the 80% only account for the other 20%.  We want to empower those that carry the load and are making change  how to get to the next level and raise the bar for everyone. We want to encourage and motivate you to push to the next level of success. We want you to be able to succeed through tough times and overcome when you encounter opposition. Explaining how to stay courageous in their efforts and help to create momentum This is the 2nd segment of the Safety Man Movement Learn More

 Six Elements of S.A.F.E.T.Y. 


Putting the "Safety" in Safety Man. As a safety team leader for one of the Largest employer in Virginia and a vast range of hazards I have learned that there are key elements that matter to people when it comes to their safety and well being.  I share this information in the Six Elements of S.A.F.E.T.Y. session. Be proactive in investing in the things that matter to your teams. This is the 3rd segment of the Safety Man Movement.  Learn More



Putting the "MOVE" in movement! We are always striving to change the culture of safety but if we don't M.O.V.E. we will never arrive to the culture of safety we seek. In this presentation I address what it takes to M.O.V.E. from the culture we are in to the culture we want to see.  This is the 4th segment of the Safety Man Movement Learn More

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