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Safety Man Movement Motivational Messages

"Very Empowering, best class I have ever attended!"  -Kevin Williamson-

"Motivational; Attention grabbing; Lot's of people need this message."  -Taryn Thomas-

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The Safety Man Movement (Motivation)


This is my PREMIER presentation that I've shared around the World!! This is the foundation and driver of my passion for changing the perspective of thousands when it comes to safety.  In this message I share an energized presentation that is targeted for Industries and Organizations that are eager to change the way their teams perceive safety!


I reveal how the four principles of: Empathizing, Empowering, Engaging and Enlarging can reshape the very nature results of your safety community and culture. This real life approach to safety gets personal and will provoke a new level of commitment and thinking from you and your teams on all levels.  Experience a shift in the way you think about safety for YOURSELF! Sometimes we just need a reminder of what safety is really about. By the end of this conversation you will truly understand why  "THE SAFETY MAN/WOMAN is no longer one individual, but many individuals that are ONE!" Learn More

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"C4" Courageous Culture Change Champions (Inspiration)

The Safety Man Movement C4 is next level of thinking and execution.  The SMM C4 is an explosive informational message to inspire Empowermentof the twenty percenters! According to the Pareto Principle says that 20% of the work force is responsible for 80% of the workload and the 80% only account for the other 20%.  This ratio also applies to those who are making an impact for You Safety program!  


I want to Empower those that carry the load and are ENGAGED  to get to the next level and raise the bar for everyone. So I discuss how and where to find those who qualify but are often overlooked. I motivate you to push to the next level and reveal key points to push you to a more successful safety program. I explain how being Courageous Contagious and Advantageous in your efforts can help to create momentum and give you the edge on safety in this rendition of the Safety Man Movement.


M.O.V.E  (Activation)

With this presentation I put the "MOVE" in movement! I am a motivational speaker but I also view myself as an Activation speaker. I am always striving to change the culture of safety within every individual, but I know that if you fail to get engaged and refuse to M.O.V.E. you will never arrive to the culture of safety we seek.


In this presentation I address what it takes to M.O.V.E. to the next assignment with purpose. I will take you through steps to get from your current situation into the situation and conditions we want to see.  I reveal that the key to movement is mastering how to Motivate Obliterate Validate and Elevate. Let me show you why these key activational steps will help assist you and your Safety Culture.

I Love Being Creative With the message ofSafety
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