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Terry Gray cares about people! Your team needs  to be inspired by someone who cares and can communicate that same level of care to your team. Terry understands that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Take a look at the clip to the right and hear for yourself  >>>>

Why Terry?


B. Carson, Water and Sewer Auth.

Fantastic energy and sense of humor! Inserting song about safety is fresh and unique- you deserved #1! The opening "give yourself a hand"  is so important for everyone to hear. People need to know and hear that they are important, have value and other care about them! That they are irreplaceable as well.. Please keep the Safety Man Movement going! 💚

S. McGregor,Mannington Flooring

Excellent presentation! You kept the audience engaged. The best presentation I've seen at the Star Conference since I've been attending for the past 4 years!

M. Goodman, United Chem-Con


Made "Safety" very interesting. Explanation of safety with a personal meaning on a "common" level for everyone to understand and learn from! Well done "Safety Man" Keep on keeping on!

The safety man motivates!

What's the message


The Safety Man Movement:

This message makes it clear that caring about people is a key message that will allow you to connect with your team and with safety with another perspective. This message brings perspective to the reality of ownership of safety. When this is over you will  understand that "The Safety Man is no longer one individual, but many individuals that are ONE!"


Courageous Culture Change Champions (C4):

This message guides teams into identifying the key components to building a great core team that will keep your organization going. You will learn focus points that help you find and maximize hidden gem safety heroes and shows how and where to find them. This presentation will help you "Tap into your 20."



This message is all about building and maintaining a highly engaged team. He shares key points of focus to help you create momentum. This highly motivational presentation will make you M.O.V.E. to the next stage of success with your team. Most teams have great ideas but do not know how to M.O.V.E. to the next phase. This presentation will challenge you to

 "M.O.V.E. it or LOSE it!"


6 Elements of S.A.F.E.T.Y.:

This message expounds upon multiple different facets of safety focus areas. It goes beyond the widely recognized issues and gives a comprehensive  inclusive view of safety. You will have your eyes opened to things you may have overlooked and not considered when talking about the importance of safety with your teams.It is critical to not have a narrow view on what safety encompasses. You will "Go Deeper!"

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If you believe that the Safety Man Movement is the right message to reignite the fire for safety with your organization 


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