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"Very energetic, very good speaker. Should be an evangelist! Can control the audience. He tells nothing but the truth.  Very, very Effective speaker and catches your attention"  

-Larry S Fray jr.-

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The Safety man is no longer one individual, but many individuals that are ONE!  

“The Safety Man Movement”
The Purpose of the Safety Man Movement is to create a culture where everyone understands why the responsibility of safety belongs to each of us!


We all Must:

EMPATHIZE with EVERYONE by encouraging the importance and value of human life, loved ones, their fellow employees, and the awareness of the importance of safety to ALL.

EMPOWER EVERYONE with the confidence and authority to take action on safety items without reserve or indecision to address and resolve safety issues.

ENGAGE EVERYONE actively with the safety improvements in our work areas and support the efforts to change the safety culture.

ENLARGE this concept with EVERYONE    All playing their part in holding one another accountable for safety together.


The Safety Man Movement is to challenge us to take action, take control, take charge and take responsibility for our actions and others.  Fueled by the shared concern of the value, fragility and love of human life.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  So if you ever want to know who the safety man is remember these words;

When you see a safety issue ask yourself this before evading responsibility 

Do I value Human life?

Can I make improvement and/or fix the problem?

Will I be willing to take the next steps to fix the problem?

Will you Challenge others to join in and approach safety with the same attitude?

Safety is all our Responsibility 
“The Safety Man is no longer one individual, but many individuals that are ONE!” 

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