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"Great!! This is the one seminar that summed up what safety cultural and change are."   -William Otto-

"Great!! This is the one seminar that summed up what safety cultural and change are."   -William Otto-

"Wonderful presentation strong - high impact - wonderful message- points that I will use when I get back to my workplace"

- Florine Floyd-

"Awesome Terry!!! 

This was an outstanding presentation and you are a truly gifted presenter. I'm so glad I got to see it! Keep your Safety Man Movement going!"  -Denise Morrow-

"Great energy! Very Charismatic informative slide show. Personally took a lot of notes."  -Jay Paris-

"This was by far the most motivational workshop yet."  -Keith Alberry- 


"Very passionate about others. Takes ownership, no excuses , kept audience engaged."  -Dean Bergeron-

"Great Speaker and passion for safety! Taking some great ideas back. Thank You!"  -Florine Floyd-

"Love the enthusiasm! Thanks for showing you don't have to be a "Safety-Man" to promote safety! Very Engaging and personal"  -Mike Rice-

"Great speaker, Great message and I didn't get SLEEPY!!"  -Lester Guthrie-

"Powerful and empowering! Can't wait to take this back to my company! Thank You!"  -Lesley Morrison-

"I appreciate the energy and preparation of your talk. I needed to hear your message"  -Jim Owens Jr.-

"So Dynamic!! Loved the information, very well done!"  -Christy Fielding-

"Very passionate and engaging speaker!! Great message, delivered exceptionally well!"  -Jon Herring-

"Motivational; Attention grabbing; Lot's of people need this message."  -Taryn Thomas-

"The BEST workshop I've ever attended in 3 years!"  -Ashley Pearson-

"Great, funny, energetic and motivational speaker"  -Russ Gaddy-

"Fantastic Energy and great message to inspire all employees"  -Vinnie Ilacqua-

"Very Empowering, best class I have ever attended!"  -Kevin Williamson-

"Very energetic, very good speaker. Should be an evangelist! Can control the audience. He tells nothing but the truth.  Very, very Effective speaker and catches your attention"  -Larry S Fray jr.-

"High energy; Very good safety focus;Fenuine; Maintain Attention thru speaking and involvement"  -Dale Evans-

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