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AboutTerry Gray

Terry D. Gray 

loves his family, loves to laugh, have fun and he believes everyone deserves to enjoy what they love. Terry works as a pipefitter for the sole provider of aircraft carriers for the US Navy and the largest industrial employer in Virginia. Terry has been a pipefitter for 14+ years with several of those years in multiple leadership roles for work, non-profits, churches and industrial companies. As a husband, father, minister, musician, motivational speaker, craftsman and safety team leader, he has seen the need for understanding our collective obligation to each other when it comes to safety.  Terry been awarded multiple awards for his passion and efforts in safety including the 2013 Vice President’s safety award ,the 2016 National VPPPA Health and Safety Achievement Award at the VPPPA national conference and the “2017 Model of Excellence” award for his leadership with the "Safety Man Movement" which is the highest recognition given at his workplace.  In 2018 Terry was able to attain the VPPPA National Safety and Health Outreach Award. In 2019 Terry was elected to the VPPPA Region 3 board of directors which was a highlight from his career. Terry has been invited to numerous companies and organizations around the country to share his “Safety Man Movement” message and has spoken to thousands about the Safety Man Movement. Terry presents a powerful highly energized presentation that resonates in the hearts of all who experience it. 


Terry is married to his wife of 15 years and is the father of 3 beautiful children. He is a passionate advocate of safety culture and promoting the value  and importance of the human life in the workplace and in the community. Terry is the creator and driving force of highly sought out Safety Man Movement message and wants to convince the masses to understand that “The safety man is no longer one individual, but many individuals that are one! -Terry D. Gray- Terry strives to change the perception of safety and express the obligations to safety that everyone of us has in the workplace and EVERY MOMENT of our lives. His belief is that we all should care for the loved ones of others, as we want others to care for our loved ones. We owe it to one another.  Terry understands and shares that at some point in our lives we all depend on a stranger to step up and help the people and things we care about. So we must all be willing to be the stranger that others depends on.


Terry began his safety journey as a safety task team member in 2012 and has been making positive impacts for safety ever since calling others to accountability and ownership. Terry has a mission, not to make a million heroes but to inspire a millions heroes to be one. Terry hopes to make the movement around the world to every industry.  Do your organization a favor and ENLARGE THE MOVEMENT!!! 

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