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Stepping Out

Hello everyone and thank you for taking time to stop by and check out the TGS Blog. This is my first ever blog and I hope it is something that will encourage and motivate you where ever you may find yourself in life at this point. All i know is that I am not the only individual dealing with the things that I deal with. So even if there is only one that this can help....It is worth it.

The reason I named this post stepping out is just for what it implies. Stepping out from where you are to where you will end up. Not always knowing where the path will take you, but knowing you can't stay where you are any longer.

I know you may have read or seen many different post talking about being courageous and having faith to move on to the "next". And what ever "next" is for you, you are confident that it is the place you want to be. But it is never easy in most cases, unless you are trying to escape an enraging environment where you don't care how people feel, you just want OUT!! Well that isn't necessarily my story.

I recently had to make a some decision in my own life that required me to "step out". However the place I was leaving was a place that i had deep connections with people. I loved and still love those people because they played a major role in my life up to that point. I knew if I left it would leave a void where I once would have been and it wasn't going to be a joyous occasion. I had grown up here, I knew everyone here and mostly it was comfortable here. Even after the fact I feel like just going back because I could rock back into that comfort zone and live every day in the same routine I'd had for the past several years.

For those who don't know much about me I am a sold out follower of Jesus Christ and so most decisions that I make I pray about. I wish to aspire to remember to pray more about the decisions I make on a daily basis, but I'm a work in progress. Anyway, I know the Lord has a plan for my life and I trust that he will guide my path. I know I don't know everything and don't get it right sometimes, but I follow the convictions of my heart when I feel God pulling me into a certain direction.

I mention this for the sake of this blog, because in my decisions to step out and do something different then what people expect or hope for me to do, I encountered opinions. I was told opinions are like organs, everybody has them. With that in mind, We all are generally aware that shaking things up by stepping out is not always accepted. What you may not have realized is that people are not always displeased with your choice because making a change is bad for you. More time than not they are angry because you making a change makes it bad for them!

Change is never easy, but if I'm deciding to make a change at least you could have my best interest at heart and not the interest of how it affects you! Yes! People are more likely dissatisfied with your decisions to step out, not because of love and concern for you, but it's rolled up in a big old sushi wrap of SELFISHNESS!!

Often times you may not even be able to recognize the selfishness because it is camouflaged with unoffensive dialog like "You sure this is what you supposed to do?" And yes, that is the same phrase you would here from someone who actually does have your best interest in mind. Which is why it makes it difficult to discern. You may not even be able to see at first the true intent, but you have to make the deduction for yourself and not allow others opinions to dictate your steps. Usually those who don't have your best interest in mind can't see any positive at all from you taking that step out. Just disgruntle and anti-stepping out. Someone who cares about you will have concern about your decisions but will still be on you side and want the best for you even if it is not the best for them.

I want to conclude this blog with this. Everyone will have a plan for your life to suite their own end, if you don't know the plan for your life and how everyone fit into it. You don't have to know the exact location of where you will be, but you should follow the road that maximizes your potential to change your piece of the world and everyone around you that lives in it. God bless you all. We are H.E.R.O.E.S. we have a job to do. Saving souls and saving lives! -Terry D. Gray-

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