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My Name is Terry Gray and I want to Help Make your Next event One that your audience will remember for years to come!

 Thank you for deciding to check me out! I'm excited that you stopped by! I am the creator of the Safety Man Movement (SMM)! The SMM is a movement I began in 2013 in an effort to convince the masses that "The Safety Man is no longer ONE individual, but many individuals that are ONE!" It all started at my place of work when I was volunteering as a Safety leader, and a fellow hourly employee brought to my attention a very minor safety issue That any person could accomplish. I asked him ... why he didn't handle the simple task.. He told me " I could but, that ain't my job!"  Needless to say this attitude and others like it have fueled my passion to radically change the way employees and employers view their role in safety.  The movement is persuading everyone to commit to be the safety man and woman we all have the responsibility to become. Over the past several year I have become a trusted voice in the safety community. Bringing over 10 years of On the job experience in safety as a salaried and  hourly employee with 15+ years of speaking as a motivator and preacher. I specialize in delivering engaging talks that inspire and educate. I look forward to collaborating with you to motivate, communicate and activate a mindset that places value both in safety and overall well-being. My commitment is to provide information that is transformative for your team. And I am sure that The Safety Man Movement will provide you and your team the motivation and information they need to develop a stronger safety culture.


What People are Saying.. 

“Very inspiring speech. I thoroughly enjoyed the message. I can take this ideology back to my facility and use it to inspire employees.”

- Mike Grose



My name is Terry D. Gray

Welcome to my website! I'm Terry D. Gray, and I'm passionate about promoting safety culture and motivating individuals to take safety seriously. With over 14 years of experience as a pipefitter and multiple leadership roles in work, non-profits, churches, and industrial companies, I understand the value of accountability and ownership when it comes to safety.


I've been fortunate to receive multiple accolades, including the Vice President's safety award and the National VPPPA Health and Safety Achievement Award. I'm also the creator of the highly sought-after "Safety Man Movement" message, which has inspired thousands of people across the country to take safety seriously.


As a husband, father, minister, musician, and craftsman, I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy what they love, and my goal is to create a safer world for all of us. I invite you to join the movement and be inspired to be a hero for safety!

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Are you familiar with the message of the Safety Man Movement? If not, I have exciting news for you – the message of the Safety Man Movement is now available in book form! This is your opportunity to have the message that I have been sharing worldwide right at your fingertips. Whether you are a devoted supporter of the Safety Man Movement or simply curious and eager to learn more, don't miss the chance to grab this book now! It's an ideal resource to share with your employees and teams. So, what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and get your copy now!

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Click Here to Read More about the Messages the Safety Man Movement imparts into the hearts of its listeners.  Join the movement and help spread the message by having a Safety Man Movement Presentation at your site or conference!


Here is your opportunity to bring the Movement to your location!

Click here or on the picture above and Let's inspire and motivate your team to commit to safety on another level! Schedule the Safety Man Movement Today!!

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